Why choose PHYSIOMER®
Normal Jet ?

PHYSIOMER® Normal Jet effectively relieves nasal symptoms (excess mucus, runny nose) and moistens nasal mucosa.
Used as daily hygiene, PHYSIOMER® Normal Jet helps to prevent cold & flu. It helps to eliminate dust, allergens and pollutants and moistens nasal mucosa/passages.

Thanks to PHYSIOMER® Normal Jet, breathe freely, naturally.

  • 100% seawater: thanks to a specific production process, PHYSIOMER® Isotonic formula preserves the richness of minerals of the seawater.
  • PHYSIOMER® Isotonic formula has clinically proven efficacy, and is proven to be superior to simple saline solutions***.
  • Ingenious packaging: PHYSIOMER® bottle is unique, with a diffusion system without propellant gas allowing a continuous soft flow, it can be used in all positions for more usage comfort.


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Recommended use

PHYSIOMER® Normal Jet is specially adapted to even the most fragile of nasal mucosa. It is therefore safe to use several times a day, for both adults and children as from 6 years old.

Children from 6 years old & adults:

  • In daily use, hygiene and prevention: 1 to 2 times a day, spray 1 to 2 seconds in each nostril.
  • In treatment of nasal symptoms, in case of stuffy nose: 4 to 6 times a day, spray 1 to 2 seconds in each nostril.


Isotonic seawater formula (with a concentration equivalent to 9 g/l of NaCl).

  • 100% natural seawater
  • No preservatives
  • Sterile
  • pH adapted to the physiology of the nasal mucosa

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