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  • Use the best weapon you have (which can be NVMRC Forcefield Trap, Swiss Army Mouse Trap or Shrink Ray Trap) and Dehydration Base.
  • The conventional, sluggish way to begin the area is to use Brie Cheese to loot Radioactive Blue Potions. Radioactive Blue Potion converts Brie Cheese to Radioactive Blue Cheese. Like many other potions, its efficiency increases with rank so only brew as many as you need. The SUPER|brie+ conversion is not worth its cost.
  • A much faster way to obtain Radioactive Blue Cheese is to buy 1 Pollution Control Supply Kit for 25 King’s Credits in King’s Cart. Craft Radioactive Blue Cheese with 1 Radioactive Curd and 1 Salt. Recipe Book, accessible in Crafting, can craft selected multiples of a known recipe.
  • Another way to obtain Radioactive Blue Cheese to buy directly from Marketplace. At Master, it is worth buying Radioactive Blue Cheese directly over farming Radioactive Blue Potions if Radioactive Blue Cheese is lower than 800 gold each.
  • Now use Radioactive Blue Cheese to catch Monster Mouse. It is not a guaranteed attraction.
  • Monster Mouse drops Tattered Mousoleum Map Piece, which unlocks Mousoleum. It may also drop Greater Radioactive Blue Potion, which converts Brie Cheese at a better rate than regular ones. If it doesn’t, you can hunt with Brie Cheese to get the first part of the adventure done.
  • Scientist’s Charm increases quantity of Radioactive Blue Potions per hunt but it’s not worth its cost to craft or buy from marketplace.
  • Travel to Mousoleum when you have at least 80 Radioactive Blue Cheese.

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By Luakit_