Ever been playing Hide and Seek on Club Penguin and been looking for a REALLY good place to hide? Well taking a look at this page might help.

These are the top hiding places in Club Penguin, and they get better as you read on!

1. In front of one of the trees just above the Chat Bar at the Cove.

Tip: If you see a bit of your clothes are keeping out the sides of the trees, remove them!

2. Behind the bags of grain in the Pizza Parlour.

Tip: Turn brown and sit with your back to the screen.

3. Infront of the tall chairs at the Stage (in the lower right or left corner).

Tip: Sit down on the chair. This will make you lower and completely hidden behind the chair.

4. Above the question mark in your Chat Bar at the Town.

Tip: If part of your penguin or your name is still visible, keep walking back and forth behind the snow there until you are completely hidden.

5. Under the box or table in the lower left corner in the Ski Lodge Attic.

I hope you have fun playing hide and seek with your friends and win, now that you have some great hiding spots!

Waddle on!


By Luakit_