How to Keep Our
Town clean?
Cleanliness is next to
godliness. We must give a serious
thought to this golden truth. Neat
and clean environment has a
cheerful effect. It is a sure sign of
civilization. Knowledge is a great
blessing of Allah. We are fortunate
to have the opportunity to recieve
education. We should not throw
fruit and vegetable peels all over
the street. A banana or melon peel
thrown carelessly on the road
cause a fracture or even death.
Plastic, polythene and wooden
items should not be thrown on the
roads. We should not thrown hard
things or stones into toilets. We
should take care of trees, plants
and flowers-beds in parks.
If we happen to pass by an
unattended running water tap, we
should stp and close it.
As a citizens, we
should be vigilant and should
report to the municipality if its staff
neglects its duty.
Allah loves people who practise
purity and cleanliness, because
Cleanliness is half of Faith.

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By Luakit_