Robi Ichchedana is an enabler of independence for all the women across all regions and segments. Ichchedana is to strengthen the wings of your wishes to fly high. For Women’s safety and privacy, there are features like Recharging without revealing your number, Nonrefundable Emergency free minute and emergency location alert. To spread the wings of your wishes through Ichchedana, dial *123*80# and register for free!

Ichchedana Registration:

  • Robi women prepaid subscribers can avail the offer
  • To opt-in, subscriber first needs to dial *123*80# and then press 1 to confirm
  • After registration subscriber will be able to see the Ichchedana Offers

Ichchedana Features

1. Emergency Location Tracker:

  • “Emergency Location Tracker” is a location tracking service to enable herself to update her location and share with three friends and family members instantly in case of emergency.
  • Subscription fee: BDT 5+VAT+SD+SC/month
  • 50 bonus SMS will be given with first subscription. Useable for adding any net emergency contact numbers, checking the list of your added numbers or informing your emergency contact about your location.
  • After finishing the bonus SMS, BDT 0.50+VAT+SD will be charged for each SMS
  • To subscribe, type Start ET and send to 218182 or dial *123*80*1*1# and follow the USSD menu.
  • To confirm your subscription, type Y and send to 218182.
  • After successful activation, subscriber needs to register your name through same USSD menu.
  • Maximum 3 any net emergency contact numbers can be added from the USSD menu, to whom subscriber can send ‘help text’ whenever she will be in trouble.
  • To send location alert instantly to the added contacts, type H and send to 218182 or dial *555#
  • Subscriber will get a SMS notification after triggering help text.
  • Subscriber can remove the added numbers and can add again new numbers from the USSD menu.
  • Subscriber can see the LIST of your added numbers from the USSD menu.
  • Subscriber can deactivate the service from the USSD menu.
  • To get the offer through SMS please check below table:
Short Code Key Words Activation Text Example Description Charge
218182 START START ET START ET To register Emergency Location Tracker Service 6.09/month/Auto Renewal
218182 Registration REG users name REG RXXX To register your name Free
218182 Emergency contact CON 018XXXXXXXX
To Add any net emergency contact numbers TK 0.50+TAXES after finish bonus sms
218182 STOP STOP MBM STOP ET To Deactivate Location Tracker Services Free
218182 H H H To send your location information to your added numbers for help. type H, location will be sent to the added emergency contact numbers at a time with your name from your own MSISDN TK 0.50+TAXES after finish bonus sms
218182 ELIST ELIST ELIST To see list of added numbers Free
218182 Remove REM REM XXXXXXXXXXX To remove numbers from added list Free
218182 SMS SMS SMS To know your remaining free SMS Free
218182 HELP HELP HELP To get help from subscriber care. Free
218182 VIEW VIEW VIEW To know what the services are you subscribe. Free
218182 INFO INFO INFO To contact with subscriber care Free
218182 INDEX INDEX INDEX To get help of buddy tracker service Free

2. Emergency minutes offer:

  • Subscriber will get the free minutes on demand basis
  • To get the offer dial *123*80*1*2#
  • To enjoy free 10 minutes subscriber needs to have local voice usage of at least BDT 65 (Incl. govt. levy) from main account balance
  • Subscriber will be able to get the free minutes offer two times during a calendar month.
  • Every time subscriber needs to have local voice usage of at least BDT 65 (Incl. govt. levy) from main account balance.
  • Validity of free minutes is 2 days and usable to any local operator.
  • Bundle purchase will not be considered for free minutes offer.

3. Private recharge service:

  • Upon dialing *123*80*1*3# subscriber will be able to get a static code by which she will be able to do Easy Load recharge without unveiling her MSISDN.
  • Subscriber needs to communicate the code to the easy load retailer instead of her MSISDN while recharging.
  • To generate the code subscriber needs to dial *123*80*1*3# and follow the steps.
  • Subscriber can view the code from Ichchedana menu by dialing *123*80*1*3#
  • Recharge can be done only from Easy Load points

Ichchedana Registration Offers

Additional Registration Benefits for New Acquisition Subscribers:

Female Customers those who join Robi network on or after 14 July 2021 will be able to enjoy below additional benefits by activating from the Ichchedana menu after registration:

1. BDT 1 lac Life Insurance Coverage, free for 6 months

2. 6 months free subscription of Robi Health Plus

Details of Life insurance benefits:

  • Eligible subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary life coverage & accidental death coverage for 6 months from the date of activation upon opt-in to 1 Lac Insurance & Health+ from Ichchedana menu.
  • below are the coverage details:
    Service Slabs Packs Type Life death Coverage (in BDT) Accidental death Coverage (in BDT)
    Diamond Plan 1,00,000 1,00,000

Please consider below information before availing the benefits –

  • Death coverage:

    – You will be able to avail the life Insurance death benefit for any cause except suicide and HIV (AIDS), STD, and incurable disease.

    – Accidental death benefit for any accident cause except Murder/Homicide.

Information regarding Life Insurance Coverage:

  • Pragati Life Insurance will pay the Benefit to the relevant Beneficiary’s Mobile Banking Service (Bkash, Rocket) or Bank Account under the same Robi Sim. Pragati will pay the approved claim amount to the Beneficiary within Ten (10) working days of receipt of all the relevant claim documents.
  • All Eligible Subscribers will be qualified for and entitled to receive Life/Accidental Insurance Coverage from Pragati Life Insurance without any prior medical examination.

Claim settlement Procedure:

Each claim settlement is the subject to following terms and conditions:

  • Notification by the nominee of the Eligible Subscriber of the relevant covered insurance to Supernova within sixty (60) days of the death of the Eligible Subscriber.
  • Complete Claim Documents being provided by the Beneficiary to Supernova within sixty (60) days of the end of the death of the Eligible Subscriber prior to settlement of a valid claim arising from this policy in the event of a claim by a Beneficiary other than the Eligible Subscriber.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, any claims make after the given time period shall not be admissible unless mutually agreed otherwise.

In order for a claim to be made, the following documents evidencing the Covered Hospitalization (the “Claims Documents”) shall be provided by the Beneficiary:

  • In the event of a claim, make by the Beneficiary other than the Eligible Subscriber – upon the Eligible Subscriber’s death prior to settlement of a valid claim arising from this Policy, the relevant Beneficiary shall provide documentary evidence of the death of the Eligible Subscriber, the relationship between the Eligible Subscriber and the Beneficiary.

Exclusion for Death Claim:

  • Death caused by self-inflicted injury or the commission of or attempted commission of an assault or any unlawful act, or being engaged in any illegal activity or felony
  • By participating in illegal activity is not covered
  • Suicide while sane or insane
  • The condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or any AIDS related illness or HIV virus.

Details of Health Plus:

Health Plus is Robi and Supernova Techno’s popular mobile health services. It is a complete solution of mobile health application. You can face a number of benefits using this app. You can also get access to this service through SMS, IVR & WAP.

Benefits: You will get the following services from the Health Plus app

  • Live Video Call with Doctor
  • Video Call Logs
  • Doctor Appointments booking
  • Blood Bank information
  • Ambulance service contact
  • Medicine Reminder
  • Health Insurance Facilities including in and out patient benefits
  • Life and accidental insurance coverage
  • Online medicine purchase & free home delivery in Dhaka area
  • Information of specialized Doctor
  • Nearest Hospital
  • Nearest Pharmacy
  • Medicine Shop
  • Doctor’s Advice – Category wised video Clips
  • Blog on Health & Nutrition related information
  • Live consultancy with specialized doctors Patient Record
  • Effective medical education for improving your medical knowledge
  • Managing/Providing useful information

Upon successful subscription, you will be able to enjoy below benefits through different channels –

SL. Features name Benefits Channel
1st Phase
1 Doctor’s Advice (Recorded video) Watch specialized doctor’s advice different health matters and diseases. All content are in Bangla. WAP/APP
2 Doctor’s Advice & Health related recorded content Listen specialized doctor’s advice and health related recorded content anytime by Dialing IVR port 28477. Dialing this port is completely free for registered users. IVR
3 Health & Nutrition Tips Registered user will get daily one health & Nutrition tips by SMS SMS
4 Health & Nutrition related blog You can read different health & Nutrition related topic. This segment has categorized with different health related topics so that you can easily get their relevant information. APP/WAP
5 Live consultancy with specialized Doctors Based on health needs, you can make a direct call to specialized doctor to consult about different health related issues through APP & IVR. Doctors will be available from 9 AM to 10 PM (except Friday & Govt. holidays) APP/WAP/IVR
6 Online medicine purchase & free home delivery You can purchase the medicine through APP and avail the advantage to get free home delivery in Dhaka area. APP/WAP
7 Information of specialized Doc-Tors, with hospital information A wide range of doctor’s database is available in APP. You can easily search your desired doctor information. FREE for all APP/WAP users
8 Nearest Hospital Information Get the nearest hospital information at any time. FREE for all APP/WAP users
9 Information of nearest Pharmacy Get the nearest Pharmacy information at any time. FREE for all APP/WAP users
10 Life insurance coverage Based on the monthly deduction, registered user can get BDT 1 Lac (Maximum) for normal death coverage or BDT 1 Lac (Maximum) for accidental death coverage for next month. (Please see the exclusion list below) Added benefit
11 Health Insurance facilities Based on the monthly deduction, registered you can avail yearly BDT 30000(Maximum) for in-patient benefit and yearly BDT 3000 (Maximum) for outpatient benefit. You need to be a paid subscriber of this service to avail this yearly benefit (Please see the details below) Added benefit
2nd Phase
12 Doctor Appointments Booking You can easily booked your desired doctor’s appointment through APP & WAP APP/WAP
13 Blood Bank information You can easily find the blood bank information details through APP & WAP APP/WAP
14 Ambulance service During emergency time you can booked Ad-Din hospital ambulance service. APP/WAP
15 Live video call consultancy with specialized doctors (Premium feature) Based on health need, you can also make adirect Video call to specialized doctor to consult about different topics through APP. Doctors will be available from 9 AM to 10 PM (except Friday & Govt. holidays) APP/WAP
16 Medicine reminder (Premium Feature) You can select your medicine reminder as per your medicine taken schedule WAP/APP
17 Digital Health Record (Premium Feature) Allows you to store your health details and track health parameters over time as well as share it with others. WAP/APP


  • Data charge is applicable for browsing the app, streaming the videos, etc.
  • VAT, SD & SC will be applicable on tariff charge.
  • IVR browsing and the charge for the Short code 28477 is ZERO. No SMS charge for opt-in/opt-out.
  • All the claim and benefits of Ichchedana are for female customers only.

Video Call:

  • Upon successfully subscription to Weekly Paripal Premium Health Plus Service User can enjoy Live Video Call facilities 3 Minutes free for once in a lifetime from one subscription number.
  • From the 4th Minute you will be charged 2.55 Tk (Including SD, VAT & SC) for every Minute.
  • If you made a Live video call for 3 Minutes and end the call (disconnected) and again get connected to Live Video call features, then you will be charged 2.55 Tk (Including SD, VAT & SC) from the first minute as you have already consumed your free minutes for Live video calling.

Please note, after cancelling the service, you will not be entitled for any benefit from health plus.

Registration Benefits for Existing and New Acquisition Subscribers:

Ichchedana subscribers from both existing base and new acquisition will be able to enjoy exciting registration benefits. Registered women subscribers will get 50paisa/min to any number for first 30 days, One Exclusive FnF to any local number for 50 paisa/ minute, 1GB Facebook data at Tk.17 once in a month for two months and existing base will enjoy 1-month free subscription to Robi’s Health Plus for 30 days.

1. 50paisa Special Rate for 30 Days:

  • Call rate: 50 paisa+VAT+SD/minute, 10 sec pulse (customer can enjoy the offer once in lifetime)
  • Validity: 30 days from the date of opt-in.

2. Exclusive FnF:

  • Ichchedana subscribers will be able to enjoy 50 paisa+VAT+SD/min call rate to 1 FnF number (anynet) with 10 sec pulse.
  • To get the FnF options subscriber needs to dial *123*80*1*4#
  • Subscriber can add FnF, view FnF and change FnF from the USSD menu.
  • Subscriber will be able to change FnF after every 15 days

3. Special Data Pack:

  • 1GB Facebook Data @ BDT 17 (including vat & tax), Validity: 30 days
  • To get the offer dial: *123*0017#
  • The offer can be enjoyed 2 times (once in a month) for 2 months from the date of registration

4. One month Free Health Plus Service for existing base:

  • To opt-in, dial: *123*80*1*5#
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Health Plus service detail is described above, for existing base all the features of Health Plus are free for one month only.

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