Wondering how to use The COBB cooking system? This patented cooker offers a unique combination of grill, oven and stove-top. It can be used to cook a huge variety of dishes. It is easy to use, easy to clean and compact enough to cook anywhere outdoors. In this guide, we share some tips on how to use The COBB cooking system.

Using The COBB Cooking System

Here are a few things to know when using The COBB cooking system:


You can light your COBB using The CobbleStone or charcoal. The CobbleStone has a rapid ignition technology that lights after a flame is held to it for a few seconds. It is then put back into the fire grid when it starts igniting. Older CobbleStones can be helped with a small amount of firelighter used in the base of the cooker, below the fire grid. You can also use charcoal or briquettes. Add two or three pieces of firelighter on the base below the fire grid, light them and position the fire grid holding the charcoal over the lit firelighters. Allow around 15 to 25 minutes for the cooker to be completely heated. You can then start cooking. Never use lighter fluid in your COBB.


You can use this cooker for grilling, baking or any other type of cooking. For meat, the grill grid is ideal. You will need roughly 10 briquettes to grill on The COBB. Once the charcoal is grey and the cooker is ready to use (usually less than half an hour), place the grill grid on top of the inner sleeve. Make sure it is positioned so that the moat catches excess fat. You can use the dome if the weather is bad but for meats like steak, it’s best to leave the dome cover off while you grill. You can also use the dome cover to heat the grill more quickly before adding meat. 


The COBB can be used as an oven to bake and roast. For baking, you will need to keep the dome cover on during cooking. As tempting as it is to check food often, try to avoid doing this as you will lose heat during cooking. As with grilling, prepare the cooker by adding and heating your charcoal. Once the coals are heated, place your food on the cooking grid. The surface of this grid removes excess fat, funnelling it into the moat as liquid. This turns into steam, condensing the lid and helping to bake without any dryness. You can make just about anything in your COBB, including small loaves of bread. Thanks to its fenced grate, food is raised off the surface, which means you don’t have to constantly turn food as you bake.
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By Luakit_