Stuck on level 378 in Candy Crush and wondering how to beat it? You’re not alone. This level has stumped many players looking to progress in the game. Here’s a clear guide on tackling it.

If you’re asking yourself how to clear level 378 in Candy Crush, you’ve come to the right place for tips and strategies.

Quick Tips to Conquer Level 378

To beat level 378, focus on understanding its layout and objectives. This level requires you to clear all the jelly and reach a certain score within a limited number of moves. It’s a tricky one, but with the right approach, you’ll get through.

Start by targeting the jelly. Use power-ups and special candies wisely to clear more jelly and score higher points. Combining striped candies with wrapped candies or using color bombs can make a big difference. Remember, planning your moves ahead can save you from running out of moves before clearing all the jelly.

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