First of all you need to place your letter or parcel on to the scales. Every franking machine should come with some scales and these can either be integrated into the franking machine (as per the example) or they will be seperate. Either way, by weighing your item you will get the exact weight. Exact weight = correct postage.

Secondly, by using the franking machines navigation menu system, you need to select the exact size and service that you wish to use. Within a few clicks you will have selected your options. Your mail, your choice.

A very useful benefit of using a franking machine is that you can add a personalised message and/or logo onto your outgoing items. This will give your mail items that professional finish, helping increase brand awareness. Promote your business at no extra cost and make an immediate impact on your customers and potential customers.

Following on, the next step is to insert your envelope or franking label (for your larger parcels & packets). Every franking machine comes with a feeder and slot for your envelopes/labels to be inserted and franked. Your franking machine will then apply a franking machine and this includes the postage amount, date, company logo/message and 2D barcode.

By Luakit_