2G 3G 4G LTE Switch lets you toggle between 2G,3G,LTE,4G and 5G modes. It actually opens the built in network setting screen but saves your 2-3 taps each time. If you frequently toggle between 2G/3G/4G/5G or LTE mode, this application might save some of your clicks.

*** Before giving an invalid rating read this first. It is just a tiny bookmark App to open the network settings directly. You surely can do this without this App but it helps when you keep on switching network modes several times. **

Key Benefits of Network Switcher App-

* No external interface – you will land into settings directly which saves taps.
* Advanced network setting can be accessed with this app
* WiFi, 5G, 4G, 3G Speed Test
* Switch to 4G
* Switch to LTE
* Switch to 3G
* Switch to 2G
* Optimized 4g Switching
* Switch to Preferred Network
* LTE on off
* LTE only switching
* Net Speed Meter
* Internet Speed Test
* ADSL speed test
* Data speed test
* Hidden network settings for Samsung Mobile
* Samsung Mobile Band Selection/ Change

updated to latest SDK 33 .. for better security
updated to latest SDK 33 .. for better security
#Android SDK updated to 32
# Notification log viewer added
# Hidden network settings now supported on newer Samsng mobile phones
# Network Band selection for Samsng mobile
# As per policy Interstitial ad frequency reduced
# Minor UI improvement
# Auto launch of Network Settings option have been restored. This can be done now from using home screen checkbox
# New feature – added Network IP informtaion screen
network related issue fixed
Main sccreen starting network setting launch has been disabled. It can now be called from main screen first button.
HostnameVerifier implementation fixed.
Minor UI improvements
Added About pages and Privacy Policy Link
UI improved
new menu added for Speed Testsing
V 1.6 – Fixed crashes on Android LollipopV 1.3 – Now supports android v2.2 and above

By Luakit_