Windows 11 has been gaining popularity among PC gamers, according to a new survey by Valve Corporation’s Steam platform. The survey, which was conducted between August and September 2021, found that the majority of PC gamers who participated in the survey prefer Windows 11 over its predecessor, Windows 10.

The reasons for this shift are varied, but one major factor is the improved performance of Windows 11. The new operating system includes a number of features designed specifically to improve gaming performance, such as DirectStorage and Ray Tracing, which can lead to smoother gameplay and reduced load times. Additionally, many gamers have reported that Windows 11 runs more smoothly on their systems than Windows 10, even with similar hardware specifications.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of Windows 11 among PC gamers is its sleek and modern design. The new operating system includes a number of visual improvements, such as a revamped Start menu and improved taskbar customization options, which can make it easier for gamers to navigate their systems and focus on the game at hand.

Despite these benefits, some PC gamers may still be hesitant to upgrade to Windows 11 due to concerns about compatibility issues or the need to purchase new hardware. However, as more gamers continue to upgrade to the new operating system, it is likely that we will see even more improvements in gaming performance and user experience on Windows 11 in the future.

In conclusion, the popularity of Windows 11 among PC gamers is a testament to its many benefits, including improved performance and modern design. While there may still be some concerns about compatibility and hardware requirements, the survey results suggest that the majority of gamers who have upgraded to Windows 11 are satisfied with their decision and would recommend it to others.

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