Have you ever watched a Netflix original and felt like it was just another average show? Well, if you have, you’re not alone. One such show that falls into this category is "Look Both Ways." Despite its unique premise, the show fails to capture the attention of its audience and leaves them wondering what could have been.

The concept of "Look Both Ways" is intriguing on paper. It tells the story of two women whose paths cross unexpectedly on a busy city street. One woman is a successful lawyer, while the other is a struggling artist. The show explores themes such as ambition, creativity, and the importance of taking risks. However, despite its promising premise, the execution falls flat.

One reason why "Look Both Ways" fails to engage its audience is the lack of character development. While the two women are portrayed as stereotypes rather than fully-realized characters, the show doesn’t delve into their motivations or desires. This makes it difficult for viewers to connect with them and empathize with their struggles.

Another reason why "Look Both Ways" falls short is its predictable plot twists. While the show tries to surprise viewers with unexpected turns of events, these twists are easy to guess and lack any real tension or suspense. This makes the show feel like a waste of time and leaves viewers wondering why they even bother watching it in the first place.

Moreover, "Look Both Ways" lacks any real depth or complexity. The themes explored in the show are superficial and fail to resonate with viewers on a deeper level. This makes the show feel like a shallow and forgettable experience rather than a meaningful one.

In conclusion, while "Look Both Ways" has a unique premise, its execution falls short of expectations. The lack of character development, predictable plot twists, and superficial themes make it just another average Netflix original that fails to capture the attention of its audience. If you’re looking for something more engaging and thought-provoking, there are better options out there.

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