Are you feeling stuck and uninspired while working from home or studying online? Look no further than the example set by actor and filmmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been staying creative despite being cooped up at home. Here are 10 ways he is doing it:

  1. Taking breaks to do something different. Joseph does yoga, meditates or goes for a walk during his breaks.
  2. Using technology creatively. He uses apps and tools like Slack, Zoom and Google Drive to stay connected with colleagues and collaborate on projects.
  3. Trying new hobbies. Joseph started painting and doing photography during lockdown.
  4. Embracing uncertainty. He uses his time to learn new skills and explore new interests.
  5. Connecting with others. Joseph has been having virtual coffee dates and game nights with friends.
  6. Experimenting with different workspaces. He’s set up a makeshift office in his backyard and uses it to get some fresh air while working.
  7. Prioritizing self-care. Joseph does strength training, eats healthy and gets enough sleep to maintain energy levels.
  8. Sharing his creativity with others. He has been posting videos of himself acting, singing and doing magic tricks on social media.
  9. Collaborating virtually. Joseph is working on a new movie with other actors and filmmakers remotely.
  10. Staying positive. Joseph focuses on what he can control and tries not to worry too much about the unknown.

By incorporating these strategies into your own daily routine, you can stay creative and productive while working from home or studying online. Remember, being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Use it as an opportunity to explore new ideas, learn new skills and connect with others in new ways.


  1. How has Joseph Gordon-Levitt been able to stay so productive while working from home?
    • Joseph has established a routine that includes taking breaks to do something different, using technology creatively and prioritizing self-care. He also collaborates with others virtually and stays positive by focusing on what he can control.
  2. What are some other creative ways to use technology while working from home or studying online?
    • Other creative ways to use technology include using virtual backgrounds during video calls, creating customized news feeds on social media and experimenting with different productivity apps.
  3. How can I stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy while working from home?
    • To stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy, set aside specific times for these activities in your daily routine and make sure you have access to healthy food options. You can also use apps that track your progress and reward you for reaching your goals.

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