Pete Davidson, a well-known comedian and actor, has been in the spotlight for his outlandish and unconventional lifestyle. However, in recent years, he has been making efforts to live a more normal life. In fact, he even moved into a trailer to live a simpler life. This article will explore Davidson’s journey towards normalcy and take a closer look at his life in the Bupkis trailer.

Living in the Bupkis Trailer:

Davidson purchased a $900,000 custom-built trailer park home in Malibu, California. This decision was influenced by his desire to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and reduce his carbon footprint. He also mentioned that he has always been fascinated by the idea of living off the grid.

Inside the trailer, Davidson has made use of space-saving furniture, solar panels for energy, and a composting toilet. He has also installed a water filtration system to reduce his reliance on plastic water bottles. Despite the challenges of living in such a small space, Davidson says that he enjoys the simplicity of it all.

Normalcy in Hollywood:

Davidson’s decision to move into a trailer is not unique in Hollywood. Many celebrities have been adopting a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle in recent years. Some even use their fame to advocate for environmental causes.

However, living in the public eye can be challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining privacy and normalcy. Davidson has had to deal with paparazzi and the constant scrutiny of his every move. Despite this, he is determined to maintain his sense of normality and focus on his career as a comedian and actor.


Pete Davidson’s journey towards normalcy may be unconventional, but it is inspiring nonetheless. By moving into a trailer and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, he has shown that anyone can make small changes to live a more fulfilling life. As we continue to face the challenges of climate change and sustainability, Davidson’s example serves as a reminder that even in Hollywood, it is possible to make a difference.

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