Peacock’s new time travel rom-com, Meet Cute, has been met with mixed reviews. While some viewers are enjoying the cute and fluffy moments between the main characters, others are disappointed by the lack of depth and substance in the storyline. In this review, we will explore why Meet Cute falls flat and what it could have done to improve.

One of the biggest issues with Meet Cute is its lack of character development. The main characters, played by Josh Peck and Saoirse Ronan, are initially adorable together, but their personalities and motivations remain stagnant throughout the movie. There is no real sense of growth or change for either of them, making their relationship feel flat and uninteresting.

Another problem with Meet Cute is its lack of originality. The time travel element is a tried-and-true trope in romantic comedies, but it is executed in a way that feels familiar and predictable. There are no real twists or turns in the plot to keep viewers engaged, making the movie feel like a rehash of other, better romantic comedies.

Despite these issues, there are some redeeming qualities to Meet Cute. The chemistry between Peck and Ronan is undeniable, and their scenes together are filled with cute and charming moments that will have viewers smiling. Additionally, the movie’s themes of love, friendship, and personal growth are all relatable and heartwarming.

In conclusion, while Meet Cute has some fun moments and a solid cast, it ultimately falls flat due to its lack of character development and originality. There is nothing new or unique about this rom-com, making it feel like just another addition to the long list of time travel romantic comedies. If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting, Meet Cute may not be the best choice. However, if you’re in the mood for a cute and predictable love story, then this movie is definitely worth checking out.

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