Panasonic’s new Micro Lens Array OLED TV is making waves at CES 2023, and some are asking whether this high-end technology will make its way across the pond to sell in the UK. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this cutting-edge TV and consider whether it has what it takes to win over British consumers.


Panasonic’s Micro Lens Array OLED TV boasts several impressive features that set it apart from other OLED TVs on the market. Firstly, its micro lens array technology allows for a more uniform distribution of light across the screen, resulting in a brighter and more even picture. Additionally, the TV has a resolution of 8K, providing breathtaking visual clarity and detail.

The Micro Lens Array OLED TV also has a built-in AI processor that can automatically adjust picture settings based on the content being watched, ensuring the best possible viewing experience every time. Furthermore, the TV comes with a range of ports, including HDMI 2.1b, which supports features such as auto low latency mode and variable refresh rate.


While Panasonic’s Micro Lens Array OLED TV is undoubtedly impressive, it faces stiff competition from other high-end OLED TVs on the market. For example, Samsung’s QN90T series has a similar resolution and picture quality, while also offering features such as ambient mode and a built-in camera for smart home integration.

However, the Micro Lens Array OLED TV does have some unique selling points that set it apart from its competitors. For example, its uniform light distribution technology is not available on other OLED TVs, making it an attractive option for those who value even lighting across the screen. Additionally, the AI processor and range of ports make this TV a versatile choice for any home setup.

Case Studies:

While it’s difficult to say whether Panasonic’s Micro Lens Array OLED TV will sell in the UK without actually being released here, there are some case studies that suggest similar high-end OLED TVs have done well in the past. For example, Samsung’s QN80T series was well-received by critics and consumers alike, and is still available for purchase in the UK today.


Overall, Panasonic’s Micro Lens Array OLED TV has several impressive features that make it a strong contender in the high-end TV market. While there is no guarantee that it will sell well in the UK, its unique selling points and impressive performance suggest that it could be a popular choice for those looking for a top-of-the-line TV experience.

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