Are you tired of buffering through your favorite movies and shows on Disney+? Or maybe you want to save some bandwidth by downloading content for offline viewing. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on how to download movies and shows from Disney+.

Step 1: Check Your Device Capabilities

Before you start downloading, it’s important to check your device’s capabilities. Disney+ allows you to download content for offline viewing on select devices. Currently, these include:

  • iOS devices running version 9 or later
  • Android devices running version 5.0 or later
  • Windows 10 PCs
  • macOS computers

If your device is not on this list, you won’t be able to download content from Disney+.

Step 2: Download the Disney+ App

Once you’ve checked your device’s capabilities, it’s time to download the Disney+ app. The app is available for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Simply search for "Disney+" in the app store, install the app, and sign in with your Disney+ account.

Step 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Before you start downloading, it’s important to check your internet connection. You’ll need a reliable internet connection with enough bandwidth to download content from Disney+. If you have a slow internet connection or limited data plan, you may not be able to download large files.

Step 4: Download Content for Offline Viewing

Once you have the Disney+ app installed and your device is connected to the internet, you can start downloading content for offline viewing. To do this, simply select a movie or show that you want to download, click on the "Download" button, and choose your desired file size.

It’s important to note that not all content is available for download. Disney+ only allows you to download certain types of content, such as movies and TV shows, but not live-action series or HDR content.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Downloaded Content Offline

Once you’ve downloaded your content, you can enjoy it offline on your device. Simply open the Disney+ app and select "My Library" to view your downloaded content. You can also delete downloaded content from your device by going to the "Downloads" section in the app.


Q: Can I download content for offline viewing on multiple devices?
A: Yes, you can download content for offline viewing on up to 4 different devices. However, each device must be associated with a separate Disney+ account.

Q: How long do I have to watch my downloaded content before it expires?
A: You have 30 days to watch your downloaded content before it expires. After this time, the content will no longer be available for offline viewing.

Q: Can I share my downloaded content with others?
A: No, you cannot share your downloaded content with others. Disney+’s terms of service prohibit the sharing of downloaded content without permission from the copyright owner.

In conclusion, downloading movies and shows from Disney+ is a great way to save bandwidth and enjoy your favorite content offline. With this comprehensive guide, you should have no problem getting started with the process.

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