The period drama genre has always been popular, but the hit Netflix show Bridgerton took it to a whole new level. From its sexy costumes to its steamy love scenes, Bridgerton made the genre more appealing and engaging to younger audiences. In this article, we will explore how Bridgerton improved period dramas and why they have become more popular today.


1. Sexier Love Scenes

One of the main reasons that Bridgerton became so popular was its sexier love scenes. Compared to other period dramas, Bridgerton’s romantic moments were much more explicit and erotic. This helped to make the genre more appealing to younger audiences who are used to watching more adult content on TV.

2. Modern Costumes

Bridgerton also revolutionized the costumes of period dramas. The show featured contemporary clothing that was inspired by modern fashion, making it much more appealing to younger audiences. This helped to make the genre feel more relevant and up-to-date, rather than outdated and stale.

3. Diverse Characters

Another way that Bridgerton improved period dramas was by featuring diverse characters. The show featured a variety of races, genders, and sexual orientations, making it much more inclusive and representative of modern society. This helped to make the genre feel more welcoming and accepting, rather than exclusive and discriminatory.

4. Humor

Bridgerton also introduced humor into period dramas, which was a big departure from the serious and somber tone of traditional period dramas. The show’s witty dialogue and funny moments helped to make it more entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

5. Modern Technology

Finally, Bridgerton made use of modern technology in period dramas, which was another first for the genre. The show featured drones and other advanced technology that allowed for sweeping shots and stunning visuals. This helped to make the genre feel more immersive and exciting, rather than dull and lifeless.


In conclusion, Bridgerton made period dramas better (and sexier) by introducing sexier love scenes, modern costumes, diverse characters, humor, and modern technology. By doing so, it attracted a younger audience who found the genre more appealing and engaging than ever before. Bridgerton’s success has paved the way for other period dramas to follow suit, making this genre more popular and exciting than ever before.


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