Gotham Knights, a highly anticipated action-adventure game developed by Warner Bros. Games Montréal, has announced that it will not be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Instead, the game will only be available on PC and next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This decision has left many gamers feeling frustrated and confused about what this means for the future of gaming on these platforms.

Why is Gotham Knights Skipping PS4 and Xbox One?

There are a few reasons why Gotham Knights will not be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Firstly, the game was designed with next-generation consoles in mind, taking advantage of their powerful hardware to deliver an immersive gaming experience. Secondly, Sony and Microsoft have been pushing the adoption of their new consoles, which offer better performance and features than their predecessors. This has made it difficult for developers to justify releasing a game on older platforms that may not be able to fully utilize these advanced capabilities.

What does this mean for gamers?

For gamers who are still using PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, this news means that they will miss out on the chance to play Gotham Knights. However, it also highlights a trend in the gaming industry where developers are increasingly prioritizing next-generation consoles over older platforms. This could mean that in the future, we may see fewer games being released on PS4 and Xbox One, which could have a negative impact on these platforms’ popularity.

On the other hand, for gamers who are already using next-generation consoles, this news means that they will be able to enjoy Gotham Knights in its full glory. The game’s impressive graphics, fast loading times, and smooth gameplay will all be possible thanks to the consoles’ powerful hardware.


While Gotham Knights skipping PS4 and Xbox One may be disappointing news for some gamers, it is a trend that we are likely to see more of in the future. As developers continue to prioritize next-generation consoles over older platforms, it could mean that we see fewer games being released on these systems. However, for those who are already using the latest hardware, this news means that they will be able to enjoy Gotham Knights and other upcoming games in their full potential.

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