Discord is making its Android app more like iOS. This is great news for users who have been looking for a better mobile experience on their Android devices. In this article, we’ll explore how the new features make Discord feel and function like an iOS app, and why that’s a good thing.

One of the biggest improvements is the overall design of the app. The new interface is cleaner and more intuitive, with clear icons and easy-to-read text. This makes it much easier to navigate and use on small screens.

Another key feature is the addition of split-screen mode. This allows users to run multiple instances of Discord side by side, so they can keep an eye on their groups while doing other things on their phone. This is a big advantage for people who need to multitask or stay connected to their community on the go.

In addition, Discord has added support for haptic feedback and animations, which makes the app feel more responsive and engaging. This gives users a better sense of control over their conversations and helps them stay in the flow.

Overall, these improvements make Discord feel like an iOS app, but with some unique Android features thrown in. And that’s a good thing – the combination of the two is what makes Discord such a popular platform.

So if you’re an Android user who wants a better Discord experience, or just someone who enjoys using apps that feel like they were made for iOS, check out the new features on Discord’s mobile app. You won’t be disappointed.

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