Microsoft’s decision to bring Call of Duty to Game Pass while keeping it on PlayStation is great news for gamers. This article will explore the implications of this move and how it will affect you as a gamer.

First, let’s take a look at the history of Call of Duty on Xbox. The game has been a staple of Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem for years, with new installments released annually. However, in recent times, there have been rumors that the game would be leaving Xbox and heading to PlayStation.

Now, those rumors have been put to rest, as Microsoft has announced that Call of Duty will be coming to Game Pass while staying on PlayStation. This is a huge win for gamers, as it means you’ll have access to the game regardless of which platform you prefer.

One of the biggest advantages of this move is that it allows gamers to play Call of Duty on multiple platforms without having to purchase multiple copies of the game. This is especially beneficial for those who own both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as they can now play the game on whichever platform they prefer at any given time.

Additionally, this move is also likely to attract new players to Game Pass, as it offers a wider range of games than what’s available on PlayStation. This could lead to increased competition between the two platforms, which could ultimately benefit consumers by driving down prices and improving the overall gaming experience.

However, some have expressed concerns that this move could lead to a fragmented gaming market, with players being forced to choose between two different platforms. While this is certainly a possibility, it’s important to remember that gamers ultimately have the power to choose which platform they prefer, and they can continue to play their favorite games on whichever platform they feel most comfortable with.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s decision to bring Call of Duty to Game Pass while keeping it on PlayStation is a great move for gamers. It offers increased accessibility and flexibility, as well as the potential for competition between platforms that could benefit consumers in the long run. Whether you prefer Xbox or PlayStation, this move means you can continue to play Call of Duty on whichever platform you choose.

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