Elvis Presley, one of the most iconic figures in music history, is back on the big screen in a new biopic starring Austin Butler. The first trailer for the film has already gone viral, and it’s clear that people are excited to see this beloved artist brought back to life. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the trailer and analyze what makes it so engaging and effective at capturing people’s attention.

First, let’s consider the music used in the trailer. The choice of "Jailhouse Rock" was a wise one, as it’s one of Elvis’ most iconic songs and instantly brings to mind his charisma and energy on stage. This musical choice sets the tone for the entire film, and it helps to establish Austin Butler as someone who has the talent and personality to play such an iconic role.

Next, let’s talk about the visuals in the trailer. The filmmakers have chosen to focus on some of Elvis’ most memorable performances, including his appearances at the AMAs and his famous performance on Ed Sullivan’s show. These clips help to establish Austin Butler as a credible actor who has the ability to capture the essence of Elvis’ on-screen presence.

One thing that makes this trailer particularly engaging is the way it uses comparisons and figurative language to draw people in. For example, the filmmakers describe Elvis as a "force of nature," which instantly evokes feelings of excitement and awe. They also use terms like "charisma" and "energy" to describe his on-screen presence, which helps to establish him as someone who is larger than life.

It’s worth noting that the trailer has already garnered some critical acclaim, with many people praising Austin Butler’s performance and the filmmakers’ choice of music and visuals. In fact, the trailer has been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube alone, which is a clear indication that people are excited to see this film.

Of course, the success of the trailer is only part of the equation when it comes to a successful biopic. The real test will come when the film is released in theaters and people have the chance to see it for themselves. However, based on the positive reception of the trailer and Austin Butler’s impressive talent and charisma, it seems likely that this film will be a hit with audiences.

In conclusion, the viral Elvis trailer starring Austin Butler is a prime example of effective storytelling in the age of social media. By using engaging visuals, memorable music, and powerful language, the filmmakers have been able to capture people’s attention and generate excitement for the upcoming biopic. With Austin Butler’s talent and charisma on full display, it seems likely that this film will be a huge success with audiences.


* Who is playing Elvis Presley in the new biopic?

Austin Butler is playing Elvis Presley in the upcoming biopic.

* What song was used in the trailer for the Elvis biopic?

"Jailhouse Rock" was used in the trailer for the Elvis biopic, which is one of Elvis’ most iconic songs.

  • When will the Elvis biopic be released in theaters?

    The release date for the Elvis biopic has not yet been announced, so stay tuned for more information.

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